Thank God, We do not have the “no-kissing law” at the @CommuterLine Station

Reportedly that 5th April 1910 was the day when romance died on the French Railwas, kissing at the train station was banned there, but luckly there’s no penalty now for train-related kissing in France. But now, no body at French really ever heard that kind of law. In other parts of the world, in Warrington Bank Quay Station ever put the no-kissing sign, but after three weeks the rules had been imposed, they decided lifted the ban. Now, the station have two kissing-sign, the first is the “kiss me quick” sign that replaced the original no kissing sign in the drop off area of the station to avoid congestion. If some couples need a a longer time to kiss, they will be guided to the ‘Kiss Me Longer’ sign in the station’s long-stay car park.

There are some rules for CommuterLine passanger posted at the station walls, specially the no smoking signs. But i do never heard if there is some banned on the train-related kissing around here. Well, some people will walk away from you if you perform some hot kissing anyway .


Note: Picture illustration is taken from here



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