PT KAI and PT KCJ to implement the new tariff scheme for @CommuterLine

PT Kereta Api Indonesia (PT KAI) and its subsidiary PT Kereta Commuter Jabodetabek (PT KCJ) will impose a new tariff scheme based on the number of stations passed by the Commuter Line passengers. This policy will be implemented in June after the electronic ticket system and electronic gates have been installed throughout the station KRL. The calculation of the new tariff is not final, because the PT KAI and PT KCJ still make a tariff simulation by applying the cheapest fare for passengers who pass through 5 commuter train stations for Rp. 3000. For the next three stations, passenger will be subject to an additional fare for Rp. 1000.


Sulistyo Wimbo Hardjito, Commercial Director of PT KAI, said that PT KAI want that the new tariff scheme for the longest rout will have the same rate with the current tariff. He said that PT KAI did not want any increase in ticket prices if the policy is enforced. Therefore, currently the tariff is calculated using the new scheme.

This new tariff scheme will be in implemented for the entire commuter train route. Currently, the most expensive ticket price is Rp. 9000 for Bogor to Jakarta Kota and Maja to Tanah Abang. Tri Handoyo, President Director of PT KCJ said that the new tariff scheme would be fairer for all passengers and will encourage people to start using CommuterLine.


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