The Old City will be develop as the Icon of Jakarta

Jakarta is considered ready to be the best destination in the world. Some major destinations such as the Old City, Indonesia Miniature Park, or Sunda Kelapa port, will bring a lot of foreign tourists.

In pursuing that purpose, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy developing a program called Destination Management Organization (DMO). DMO is a program for managing and optimizing a destination in Indonesia, both in terms of transport, governance, or accommodation. Through these programs, a tourist destination will focus on improvement, development, and governance for a comfortable visit.

One of the cities in Indonesia that will be developed through the DMO is Jakarta. Masrohan, Assistant to the Deputy of the Governor of Jakarta, said that the DMO would turn Jakarta into the best tourist destinations in the world. DMO will develop some tourist destinations in Jakarta, such as the Old City. Having a well-maintained building, the Old City is one of the icons Jakarta.


Firmansyah Rahim, Director General of Tourism Destination Development, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy also said that Jakarta was ready to align with the other cities in the world. Therefore, the Ministry, the Government of Jakarta, and the community will work together to continue to fix the existing tourist destinations in Jakarta. DMO priority at this point is the Old City. The ministry also asked the public to promote tourism in Jakarta to facilitate foreign tourists tempted to come to Jakarta.

One of the effort to fix the Old City is through Local Working Group (LWG) which invites the public to participate in developing this historic tourist destination. LWG will invite the public to participate in developing the Old City. The development may include foreign language training to be able to communicate with tourists, tourism promotion in the form of art, or clean-up activities in the Old City. The Ministry considers that the communication between the government, the government of Jakarta and also the community of people around the Old City is very important in the development of this program.


Through DMO and LWG, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy hope that the Old City will get recognition as a world living heritage from UNESCO in 2015. To that end, various improvements of the old and historic buildings and cleaning the Great River (Kali Besar) in the Old City will be done as much as possible. Gradually the flow of vehicles around the Old City will be rearranged. In the end, no motor vehicles are allowed into the Old City. The government hopes that if the buildings started to tidy and clean will be easier to attract investors. Investors can open a restaurant, mall, or boutiques. For this year, Taman Fatahillah will add with ornaments which confirms that this park is the core zone of the Old City area.

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