A @CommuterLine passenger was fined 800 thousand rupiahs, for allegedly using fake tickets

Dewi Wulandari (21), a passenger of  Commuter Line, accused of carrying fake tickets by officers in Depok Baru Station. She was fined hundreds of thousands of rupiahs. At that time, Dewi, who had just come home from work on Sunday, April 21 at 7:00 am, bought a 8 thousand rupiahs ticket in Sawah Besar Station.

During the ticket inspection in Sawah Besar Station and inside the Commuter Line, Dewi did not see any problems. When Dewi was arrived in Depok Baru Station, the ticket inspectors said that Dewi useofficer-at-stationd the fake ticket.

Dewi then held in Depok Baru Station from 8 to 14. The officers are also continuing to question Dewi on the ticket. Dewi felt that officers at Sawah Besar Station had given a fake ticket to her. Officer from Depok Baru station brought Dewi to meet the officers at Sawah Besar Station. When they arrived at the station and met with officials at Sawah Besar Station, the officers at Sawah Besar Station claims no fake tickets being sold

Dewi then brought back to Depok Baru Station. At the station, she was asked to pay a penalty ticket for Rp 800,000. The penalty is the price of one ticket bundle of Commuter Line which amounted to 100 tickets.

Because she did not bring any money, Dewi had asked to hand over his Blackberry Gemini and her ID card at the station. In addition, she was also asked to make a statement related ticket that she used. The ticket was signed over 6,000 seals. The statement noted that Dewi is willing to pay a fined wich cost her Rp 800,000 and left her Blackberry Gemini. The goods will be taken back at the end of the month when Dewi pay a fine set by the station officer.


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