Jakarta: A City of a Thousand Languages

Before 1928, people in Jakarta have started to use a special dialect of the Malay language which grew since the cultural acculturation in Jakarta. The tribe with a special Malay dialect that was came to be known as the Language and Society Betawi. But as a colonial city, at that time there was also a group of people who use the European language: Dutch. Several other groups also use Mandarin and Arabic. Some rural communities Jakarta also still use their original language that is Javanese, Sundanese, Minang, Batak, Madura, and Bugis

leaflet kursus

After Independence, despite the Bahasa Indonesia become the official language, but Bahasa Indonesia evolved in Jakarta Indonesia with special dialect. In addition to Bahasa Indonesia, the languages used in other areas also widely use according to ethnic group that formed in Jakarta. English and Chinese are also beginning to be used extensively for diplomatic and business affairs in Jakarta.

As the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is the meeting place for various tribes and nations, do not be surprised if Jakarta has been transformed into one of the meeting point of various languages too


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