Monorail construction will start in May 2013

Joko Widodo, the Governor of Jakarta, has given a positive signal to resume the construction of the Monorail in mid-May. Jokowi hopes of the people of Jakarta can see directly the construction of monorail. In addition, he was handed over entirely to the PT Jakarta Monorail where the starting point to begin construction.

In addition to start building a monorail, Jakarta people also can see the monorail display. Bovanantoo, PT Jakarta Monorail spokesman, stated that the Monorail will be on display is imported directly from China. The body of the Monorail will be on display to the public at the National Monument in Jakarta in first week of May

The construction of the monorail will take 2.5 years. Green line filled with 4 4 carriages, while the blue line will consist of 6 carriages. Monorail passenger numbers expected to reach 300 thousand passengers per day. Monorail project needs around Rp17 trillion with a path length over 30km is divided into two lines, the green line along the 14.5 km and blue line along the 15.5 km.

Green Line will serve Semanggi – Casablanca – Kuningan – Semanggi, while the blue line will serve Kampung Melayu – Casablanca – Tanah Abang – Roxy. Targeted per day monorail can carry at least 270 thousand passengers assuming the ticket fare will be Rp9000 per person.


Picture is taken from here

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