This is the Overview of the @CommuterLine Development until 2019

The development of the SHIA Railways is to support transportation services between Jakarta and SHIA. Estimated in 2013, the SHIA passengers will reach 60.7 million and in 2020 will reach 83.7 million. With this high growth, PT KAI plans to operate 126 Commuter Line trips / day with mileage from Manggarai to SHIA along the 38.3 km that requires 54 minutes travel time, and 15 minutes headway for each commuter train.

Seating capacity available for Commuter Line to SHIA is equal to 30,000 seats / day. PT KAI need 10 commuter train set with capacity of 60 carriage that need a budget up to 720 billion rupiah. PT KAI planned that 4 commuter train sets will be available in August 2014 and the rest will be avaliable in October 2014.


For development of Commuter Line in Greater Jakarta, PT KAI hopes that passanger capacity in 2013 will reached 560.650 passengers / day and will continue to grow until it reaches 1.140.880 passengers / day by 2019. In 2012, there are 584 commuter line carriage with 328 units is ready to operate. To increase the transport capacity, PT KAI plans to purchase 180 units of the carriage in 2013 and will add as many as 160 units of carriage / year from 2014 up to 2019. The fleet expansion is needed to achieve the target of increasing passenger capacity up to 1.2 million passengers / day by 2019.

In order to improve the service, PT KAI has developed an electronic ticket. To support the operation of the electronic ticket, it will require 336 electronic gates, 250 vending machines, and 800 thousand electronic tickets for 63 Commuter Line station. Electronic ticket itself will take the form of smart card for single trip and multi trip. The forms of electronic gate is in torn style and will be avaliable for 63 commuter line stations. Vending machines in addition to receiving cash payments also include payments by debit card. Smart Card will also be integrated with electronic pre-paid card from BNI, Bank Mandiri, BCA, BRI, and Bank DKI.

To increase the passangers, some stations will be in renovation although some original station building will be maintained due to the fact that the stations are in the category of cultural heritage. The stations that will be renovated, but the original building is still maintain are Bogor Station, Manggarai Station, Cilebut Station, Bojong Gede Station, Citayam station, and the Rawa Buntu Station. While Duri Station, Cikini Station, Gondangdia Station, Sudimara Station, and Jurangmangu Station will be renovated.

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