Thousands of Workers’ rally’s on the May Day in Jakarta

Thousands of workers from the Greater Jakarta and Karawang, and Banten are coming to Jakarta to commemorate the Labor Day. The President of the Council of Indonesian Workers and Labor (MPBI), Said Iqbal, said there are at least 150 thousand workers who enliven the International Labor Day commemoration in Jakarta today. Bundaran Hotel Indonesia is a rallying point for workers and continued long march to the Independence Palace, the House of Representatives and six ministries office. While the 85 thousand workers including three presidents will remain before the Presidential Palace until 18:00

Labor Day

The Police have already warned and asked the road users to avoid the rally from 09:00 am until labor activities completed. Jakarta Police estimate traffic congestion occurs when workers finished their rally this afternoon. Sudirman-Thamrin main line will be traversed by bus carrier mass.Deputy Director of Traffic of the Jakarta Police, Sr. Comr Sambodo Purnomo, said the employees working in the Sudirman – Thamrin main line are encouraged to go home early. Hundreds thousands of workers are expected to disperse at 18:00.

Well, seems to me it is better to use the Commuter Train services by now so we do not have to trap in the middle of the heavy traffic jam in the May Day.

Photo taken from Insany Syahbarwaty


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