What is MRT?

Mass Rapid Transit or MRT is a system that is projected to transport passengers in large quantities quickly from the suburbs into the city and drove passengers back to the sub-urban. If seen from its physical form, there are three kinds of MRT system. The first two are the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) or LRT (Light Rail Transit). Included in the LRT is electric rail trains operated using short hopper, such as monorail. The third is the Heavy Rail Transit which has a large capacity as Commuter Line. The type to be built by PT MRT Jakarta is the rail-based MRT; Heavy Rail Transit.

MRT Jakarta is a rail-based mass transportation that extends about 110.8 kilometers. The MRT consists of a north-south corridor (Lebak Bulus-Kampung Bandan) along 23.8 kilometers and the East-West corridor along 87 kilometers.

With the operation of the MRT system, citizens are expected to switch from private vehicles to mass transprotation. MRT Jakarta has scheduled to increase public transport capacity significantly. MRT Corridor from Lebak Bulus to Bundaran HI is expected to transport about 412 thousand passengers per day and will takes travel time about 30 minutes. While from Lebak Bulus to Kampung Bandan is about 52.5 minutes.

The phase I MRT route from Lebak Bulus ā€“ Bundaran HI stretches 15.5 kilometers has 14 stations covering 8 elevated stations and 6 underground stations, as well as the main station is located in Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta. The plan of each station will be built to integrate with other public transport modes.

Eight elevated stations spread in Lebak Bulus, Fatmawati, Jl. Cipete Raya, Jalan Haji Nawi, Blok A, Blok M, and Sisingamangaraja. The others 6 underground stations are located along Senayan, Bendungan Hilir, Setia Budi, Dukuh Atas and Bundaran HI.


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