Jakarta government urged to provide subsidies for @CommuterLine

Djoko Setijowarno, Chairman of the Railways Forum of the Indonesian Transportation Society said that the Jakarta government does not need to take over the Commuter Line because it is all about the willingness of the government in Jakarta and surrounding local governments to provide subsidies for Commuter Line.

He said local governments can participate to provide subsidies as stipulated in Law No. 23 Year 2007 on Railways. The law said that subsidies could be given by Provincial or Central Government. With the subsidy, he said, the government could eliminate non air – conditioned commuter trains without harming the poor. President Director of PT Kereta Commuter Jabodetabek (PT KCJ) Tri Handoyo agreed with this discourse. With the subsidy directly to the ticket, the non air conditioned commuter train can be eliminated


Djoko also stressed that the Government of Jakarta, the Government of West Java, and the government of Banten must be willing to integrate Commuter Line with other public transport modes.

Meanwhile, Azas Tigor Nainggolan, chairman of Jakarta Transportation Council (DTKJ), hoping that Commuter Line as a rail-based mass transportation can be integrated with other modes of public transport, such as TransJakarta bus and Kopaja or metromini. He was pretty sure if the process of integration can be achieved if the Commuter Line was acquired by Jakarta Provincial Government. According to Tigor, the problem of difficulties to integrate public transport today is too many coordination in many places.

Meanwhile, President Director of PT KCJ did not put too much attention on the issue of the acquisition process. According to him, Commuter Line performance can be increased if there is a common vision to minimize the problems in the operation of the Commuter Line in Greater Jakarta. It was also necessary concern of the government in the form of tax elimination in purchasing Commuter Line by PT KCJ, as well as on PSO and IMO

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