Bekasi to start build the Monorail Shelter in 2014

The monorail project in Jakarta-Bekasi-Cibubur, has launched by SoE Minister Dahlan Iskan. The project, named Jakarta Link Transportation (JLT) was cultivated five state-owned consortium, costing Rp 7 trillion.

Government of Bekasi, West Java, will begin to realize the construction of the monorail shelter in 2014. It was done in order to prepare a study involved the construction of a monorail Jakarta-Bekasi. Bekasi  Government will continues to coordinate with the Ministry of Transportation and the Jakarta government to make a study on the location and number of shelter monorail.

Supandi Budiman, The Head of the Bekasi Department of Transportation said the budget for the monorail project all are coming from the Central Government budget. However, the municipal government of Bekasi proposes its own budget for funding the infrastructure development needs such as shelter and land acquisition

According to the plan, the Jakarta – Bekasi monorail Jakarta-Bekasi, will pass on the Kalimalang or parallel to the Toll pathway of Bekasi, Cawang, and Kampung Melayu. Monorail line starts from Cawang, runs through Bulak Kapal, East Bekasi.

Monorail will become an alternative transportation for residents of Bekasi to Jakarta so that could have an impact on the reduction of number of road congestion.


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