Give a Visit to the Oldest Traditional Market in Jakarta: Pasar Ikan Luar Batang (Demolished)

Update: This market is no longer exist

The traditional market is located in Jakarta’s oldest township, Kampong Luar Batang. Pasar Ikan Luar Batang or The Luar Batang Fish Market is located at Jl. Pasar Ikan, North Jakarta and managed by PD Pasar Jaya, a provincial government-owned company. The location of fish market previously was the sea and it was built in 1631, in the east of the Ciliwung River. But because widening the park in front of the castle (kasteel) in 1636, the market moved to the west of Ciliwung River and built a dock. Two Canal bordered by the market, is Maleischegracht and Kali Besar and the second both canal is full of different types of boats and rafts were brought in baskets of fresh fish.


In the 17th century shortly after the founding of the VOC, this settlement is temporary shelter while the native crew (the boatman) who wish to enter the Port of Batavia (Sunda Kelapa). At that time, VOC regulations do not apply permission for native boats to get in and out of the Port at night.

Additionally, the entire boat should go through checkpoints. Every cargo brought by the native would be inspected, and weapons that were taken must be deposited at a checkpoint. While the native boats can’t enter the port, and sometimes they have to wait a few days until there is a permission to enter the port.


While crews were spending their time waiting for permission, they were build temporary huts. Gradually this place then called Kampong Luar Batang or the settlement which is beyond the checkpoint. The VOC often bring labor and fishermen from various areas to build the port and castle of Batavia. They are all placed in Kampong Luar Batang, so the slums situation at the oldest settlement in the Jakarta which covers 16.5 acres that has been going on since the beginning of the VOC.



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