This was the mark of the 0 Km of Jakarta

Where is the location of 0.0 km from Jakarta? Most of you definitely would answer the National Monument. Nothing wrong if you answered is the National Monument, because this time the National Monument is a marker of 0 Km Jakarta. But before the National Monument become the mark of 0 km of Jakarta,  at least in 1977, in the reign of Governor Ali Sadikin, 0 km Jakarta is Syahbandar Tower or Lookout Tower and Maritime Museum.


I myself do not quite know since when 0 km of Jakarta move to the National Monument. But at least we know that since the time of the VOC until the independence of Indonesia, 0 km of Jakarta was still in the Lookout Tower. At least from the inscription, signed by Governor Ali Sadikin in 1977, tells us this important history. The inscription was there to commemorate the Jakarta 450th anniversary.



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