Free Entrance Fee at Jakarta Museums for Batik Users

A number of events have been prepared by Jakarta Government to pamper its citizen, one of them is to make free entrance free for 10 museums for visitors who dressed in batik.

Arie Budiman,  The Director of Jakarta Tourism and Culture Agency, said that there are as many as 10 museums under the management of the city government. At the time of Jakarta Anniversary, the 10 museums will be free for visitors who use batik.

These 10 museums are free for Batik users are Jakarta History Museum, Puppet Museum, Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics, Maritime Museum, Battle Museum, Textile Museum, MH Thamrin Museum, and the National Monument (Monas). In addition to using batik, no special requirements are given.

Meanwhile, for other museums are managed under other agencies, Jakarta government will be coordinated in order to be free as well. But it depends on each agency.


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