2018: the Headway between @CommuterLine will be 3 minutes

A Happy news for Commuter Line passengers, since they will no longer need to wait too long for Commuter train. On 2018, the Commuter Line will pass once in every three minutes. Minister of State-Owned Enterprises, Dahlan Iskan, said to be able to get the target three minutes, then in every crossing point should be built underpass or fly over.

Public Relation Manager of PT KAI, Mateta Rijalulhaq, says there are 24 crossing point the Bogor-Jakarta route that must be built an under pass or fly over. When the underpass and then fly over has developed the headway between commuter train could be shorter, three minutes.

One of the purposes to shorten the headway is to achieve passenger capacity target for 1.2 million passengers per day in Greater Jakarta. Commuter train is currently only capable of around 500 thousand passengers per day.


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