@CommuterLine Scraps Women-Only Train

PT Kereta Commuter Jabodetabek (PT. KCJ) is a subsidiary of state-owned train company Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) currently operates 531 daily train routes, connecting Jakarta with its satellite cities. They announced on Monday that it has done away with Indonesia women-only train (KRL RKW) to accommodate more regular passengers.

Eva Chairunnisa, PT KCJ’s communications manager said that PT KCJ decided to stop women-only commuter train since after they made an evaluation and also listening to the public opinion. The women-only commuter train will return to its original function as a regular commuter train. PT KCJ needed more trains to accommodate the increasing number of commuters, while women-only train was relatively empty most of the time.

In August 2010, KCJ launched women-only train cars. The carriages are located at the front and back of commuter train to protect female passengers from sexual harassment. While at October last year, PT KCJ was also launched the women-only commuter train as an effort also to protect women from the rampant sexual harassment that some times takes place during peak hours.

PT KCJ would increase security in train stations and on trains to ensure female passengers safety.


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