Take a romantic ride on @CommuterLine

If you think about the most romantic mode of transportation, what comes to your mind? Cars may take a full of your concentration. What about the idea of taking romantic ride on commuter train. Not everyone falls in love with the commuter train like I do, but some may have fallen in love while riding its trains. Trains, definitely is a great way for couples to have a romantic travel.

Seated side by side, you may get some magnificent scenery through your window. There is always time available to hold your loves ones even in a heavy crowded commuter trains. You’re likely to find such great romantic rides for two.

To have this kind of romantic train ride, you do need some advance research and planning. It is especially appropriate for individuals who live in the suburban area of a big city with commuter train service. You should think to have a day-long date riding the commuter train through some of the romantic spot along the Commuter Line route.

Two of you should get off the commuter train in a towns to enjoy dinner at a popular restaurant in town, or you may have to get off the train in Cikini Station just to purchase a bouquet of flowers, see a film in a historic theater, shop a painting at a local street gallery near Juanda station, share some chocolate ice cream that you bought at a convenience store nearby or you may visit some local park to enjoy some live music from street musician.


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