Setu Babakan Islet to revitalize as Betawi Village

Joko Widodo, Jakarta Governor, urged the new Mayor of South Jakarta, Syamsudin Noor, to do more effort on the development of Betawi culture. The “order” was given to the new mayor during the the inauguration of South Jakarta mayor on Wednesday morning.

South Jakarta then to revitalize a 2.5-hectare islet, located in the middle of Setu Babakan as a setting for Betawi village. The islet itself will accommodate Betawi houses, cuisine and cultural performances. There are also plans to provide bamboo-rafts to transport visitor to the Betawi Village.

Sibroh Malisi, Head of Marketing of the Setu Babakan said the condition of the islet was currently neglected and overgrown. Jakarta government also plans to build the Betawi Cultural Miniature Park next to the entrance of Setu Babakan.

The revitalization project will require funding of Rp 290 billion and expected to be completed by 2014


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