Some important dos and don’ts in Jakarta

Jakarta is a big durian, it is a place that called as a miniature of Indonesia, and you can feel many senses when the traveler steps for the first time into this biggest city in the Southeast Asia for the first time. The city is a very fast paced and lively with so many things happening at once. If this is the first time you visit Jakarta, it is good to learn a little bit about the local customs so that you know how to behave in Indonesian society.

Here are some important dos and don’ts when you have a plan to visit Jakarta:

  • Jakarta is very humid, so do not forget to drink plenty of water, as it will be warm and you will easily get dehydrated. Do use sunscreen if possible, especially in the middle of the daylights.
  • Jakarta resident is very stylish, so feel free displaying your charms but do remember wearing the appropriate clothing when visiting a religious site.
  • Always bargain when shopping in Jakarta, especially when you shopping in the traditional market. Otherwise, you will be charged a very high price if you take option to not negotiate.
  • Head is always sacred part of the body in Indonesian culture, touching the head will be considered as very offensive.
  • Always watch your step when walking through the street or when you walk at the sidewalk, be a pedestrian in Jakarta sometimes quite unsafe especially in peak hours.
  • Watch out for pickpockets and handbag snatchers in Jakarta and keep your valuables close to you.
  • Be open minded person to different culture around you, try the delicious local and/or Indonesian food, visit the beautiful sights and enjoy the chaos of Jakarta.
  • Just do not talk about corruption, particularly if you speaking to an official that telling you about their recent vacation for skiing in the US Disneyland
  • Just pay attention to your body language. It is good to always sit politely
  • Smoking is forbidden inside the public official building or places, offices or working places, public transportation, religious sites, children playgrounds, schools, and hospital or community health center. But there is always designated place to smoke except for children playgrounds, schools, and hospital or community health center.
  • If you have meeting please try not to yawn or putting your hands on your hips.
  • If you really have a bad day, please remember not to show your feelings. Keep calm, patient, and courteous

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