Shopping at Jakarta: 5 Important Things to Remember

Jakarta is definitely a shopping paradise. Travelers from outside Jakarta and even foreign tourist came to Jakarta just for shopping. Jakarta government also sees the great potential of tourist shopping in Jakarta, so the traditional market had to be renovated to attract more tourists. Visiting Jakarta without shopping is totally unacceptable. There are a lot of place to go to do some cute little shopping in Jakarta.

Here are some tips before you go shopping in Jakarta:

What do you want to buy? Jakarta offers many places to shop, and it is not just a giant shopping mall are available in Jakarta. You can find some traditional market that look similar to a modern shopping mall. Jakarta has a variety of thematic markets that you can visit. Many of the thematic markets are also located close to the commuter train station. So you do not have to worry about stuck in traffic

Best Time for Shopping, traditional markets in Jakarta are generally open from early morning at 8.00. We recommend that you should arrive in the morning, as the market visitors are still relatively quiet so you are free to shop. However, please note also, such as in Pasar Senen, some traders would give a cheaper price at a time before they closed the store.

Breakfast and Lunch, a simple thing but surely it is very important. Shopping is like a battle. Make sure you are full of energy before jump in to the shopping center. Usually, shopping is so much fun, especially when you are chasing good stuff and suddenly forgot to eat.

Bring your friends, if you buy a lot of stuff, the seller will give you cheaper price. Therefore, bring a friend or shopping in groups while you are in the market. Seller will be happy to give you cheaper price if you buy in large quantities

Think about the alternative places, in addition to thematic market in Jakarta, you can shop at the street vendors or shopping in a pop-up night market. Jakarta Old City, every night has always been a night market. Various products can also be found here such as handbags, rings, and lights. Not to mention the variety of services offered in the old city, ranging from forecaster service to paint caricature of your self.

Avoid peak hour, if you are using Commuter train to shop, it helps if you get back to your hotel after the peak hours in the afternoon. Peak hours in the evening usually begins from 16:00 p.m. to 19:00

Always carry money in hands, shopping at traditional market typically uses cash payment. But sometimes you can shop by using a credit card. But to be safe, it is better if you bring cash in a sufficient amount sufficient


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