@CommuterLine officially implements distance-based fare on June 2013

Electronic ticket and distance-based fare of the commuter train will officially be implemented on 1 June 2013. The passengers will have the opportunity to pay cheaper fare with the distance-based fare rather than the current single fare system. Makmur Syaheran, Commercial and Public Relations Director of PT KAI Commuter Jabodetabek (KCJ) said, for the first five station (not included the departing station) the passengers are charged for Rp.3.000 and as for each next three station, the price will add for Rp.1000.

Makmur also said that the ticket price to be paid is determined by the system that is prepared by operator. When there is a possibility of more than one line to the arrival station, the system will automatically calculate the shortest line. Thus, the fare to be paid is the cheapest fare. The interesting example is for the Yellow Line (Bogor – Jatinegara). Based on the number of station, the Yellow Line will pass 29 stations. The price for Bogor – Jatinegara is calculated based on the nearest distance; Bogor – Manggarai – Jatinegara. Based on the system passengers for Bogor – Jatinegara will only pay Rp. 7000.

PT KCJ ensures that the passenger tariffs will not be more expensive rather than the current tariff. With this tariff calculation system, PT KCJ expect more and more people interested in using commuter train as primary modes of transportation in the city. In the early stages, the electronic ticket will be used for one-time trips. In the future, ticketing system applied for multi trip.

The new fare scheme can be download here


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