Question: Is it safe to be pedestrian?

Become pedestrians in Jakarta is a misfortune, if I can count on that. Though Jakarta is a big city but the supporting facilities for pedestrian such as sidewalks or pedestrian crossing are not available well.. In addition to just merely exist, the responses from the other road users are also not pedestrian friendly.

This case is not only a matter of law enforcement but also legal culture questions that have not been well internalized in Indonesian society. The weak will always be defeated and it is difficult to find enough respect among people. Speaking on the law enforcement, pedestrian rights sufficiently protected in Law No. 22 Year 2009 on Road Traffic and Transport.

Although sidewalk is not specifically mentioned, but Article 1 subsection 11 of the Law (UU LLAJ) stating “Road Traffic Space is allocated for infrastructure Vehicle transfer motion, people, and / or goods purporting Road and supporting facilities”. Meanwhile Article 1 subsection 26 of the Pedestrians definition is “every person who walks in the Road Traffic Space”

And the so called Support for Pedestrian Facilities specified in Article 45 paragraph (1) letter a and c. Others pedestrian rights specifically mentioned from Article 131 and Article 132. In addition to specifically mentioned in these above articles, the right of pedestrians can also be found in Article 25 paragraph (1) letter g, Article 92 paragraph (2) letter g, Article 106 paragraph (2), Article 116 paragraph (2) letter f, and 118 letter b. Meanwhile, the violation of these rights result in criminal offences provided for in Article 275 and Article 284 of the UU LLAJ

I think the safety of pedestrians should be given priority and this should begin to learn as soon as possible, at least from our close family and neighborhoods. So let us fight for pedestrian rights by joining pedestrian coalition. Find them on twitter @trotoarian or join their facebook fanpage

Picture is taken from here, here, and here


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