30 minutes by walks

The first time I was built this website, I just have an idea how to get people to go to certain tourism destination with clear direction. People have to go on public transportation, because the horrific traffic jam that always appears here. I do not want this city to have more than this. That is why I chose the commuter train services.

Basically, I do not want if you have to go to certain destination with too much changing your mode of transportation. Since Jakarta have TransJakarta Busway also, but I do not put TransJakarta as my primary concern. If Jakarta already had another monorail or subway, I will definitely put both of them into this website.


So, one of the words to promote the tourism destination in this website is “close to the commuter train station”. But the main question is how close? I had no idea at that time, until I do walk from Jakarta Kota Station to Port of Sunda Kalapa, it took not more than 30 minutes by walks. So I decided that all tourism destinations in this website should be max 30 minutes by walks from the arrival station.

Later, I just realize this fact, if 30 minutes by walks means that if you use taxi’s or ojeg (motorcycle taxi) it will cost you not more than Rp. 20 thousand or less than USD 2.5. If you use other public transport such as buses or minibuses, you will only need 1 times to get on buses or minibuses.

That is the reason, why I do not put some interesting destination, because they are far away or need more than 30 minutes by walks from the arrival destination. So enjoy your time with the commuter train service


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