7 Best Tips When you are Lost during Travelling with @CommuterLine

Get lost is one of the most frightening things while having solo traveling in Jakarta commuter train. It is very possible to get lost, because there are almost no information is announced when you are inside the rail car when the commuter trains reaching a station. Therefore, you should consider these following tips if you eventually get lost.

Keep calm, no need to panic

When you suddenly know that you are lost at the unknown station, in general you’ll be panic. Therefore control the panic, looking for a seat, take a deep breath, and convince yourselves that you are just lost and there is still a way to go home.

Ask the right direction to the station officer

Start find out the right direction by asking the station officer (the one who wear uniform). It is a good idea to ask the officers who were at the station. Even if they do not understand English with a bit of sign language or a piece of paper, they will be happy to show you the right direction

Ask for more detail information and take a note of it

It is ok if you take note of all information given. Remember, you are lucky if maybe there are officers who escort you to your destination, but it could be we just get the information from the officer.

Ask for help from other passengers

To make sure that you do not go to the wrong station again, then make sure the commuter train route that we rode indeed headed towards the your destination. Do not hesitate to ask for help from other passengers to tell us if the commuter train reaching to your destination.

Turn your GPS on.

If you bring your smart phone along with you, you should turn on your GPS. Currently all smart phones equipped with assisted GPS. GPS application will help you to determine which route or station will be pursued.

Getting lost with others is far better than getting lost on your own

If there are other KRL passengers who offer help to accompany you, you may need to consider. In my humble opinion, however even your newly buddies do not exactly know the right direction but it is much better to get lost with other than getting lost alone.

Keep Open your eyes.

Keep your eyes open and pay attention for anything around you.

Now enjoy your travel and no need to worry for getting lost again


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