@CommuterLine : Cheaper rates with distance-based fare system

Commuter train user should be smile with the new distance-based fare policy. Starting in June 2013, most of the fare for a single trip will be cheaper through the new rates mechanism that will be issued by PT KAI Commuter Jabodetabek (PT KCJ).

President Director of PT KCJ, Tri Handoyo, said that along with the implementation of E-Ticketing, to achieve a fairer pricing system PT KCJ will also impose a progressive rate for travel in the Greater Jakarta Commuter Train services KRL Commuter Line Greater Jakarta. Tri Handoyo also added, distance-based fare is one of the benefits of the implementation of e-Ticketing system that allows for the calculation of rates based on the number of stations so that price becomes cheaper rates.

Distance-based fare calculation is based on the number of stations traveled by passengers with the formulation of Rp3000 for first five stations and adding another Rp.1000 for every 3 three next station. Although the new rate is calculated based on the number of stations, the highest rate will be fixed at the price of nine thousand rupiah.

For example, the current rate of Tanah Abang-Serpong is Rp. 8,000, – with the new tariff scheme would be Rp 4,000 Another example are Tangerang-Duri from Rp 7,500 to Rp 4,000, Bekasi-Jakarta Kota previously Rp8.500 to Rp6.000. Since the new mechanism, all the users are also required to mention the name of the destination station to calculate the fare with the number of stations that will be passed.

PT KCJ also rejected the issue of rate increase with the implementation of the new fare scheme. PT KCJ had announced that with the new fare scheme there will be no fare price increases on the Commuter Train travel fare.

Socialization of the new fare scheme have also been carried out since the beginning of April, the Commuter Train users can see the tariffs based on the needs of their journey through the banners that have been installed throughout the Commuter Train stations.

A number of regulation also changes through the implementation of e-ticket and distance-based fare, eventually for users who accidentally missed on the station further away from the arrival stations aim to get back just by moving the platform without exiting through the e-gate.

Meanwhile to support the distance-based fare system, PT KCJ also made some preparation for conducting the multi trip ticket. In June 2013, the e-ticket is only valid for one trip travel and gradually, users will also be easier with new subscription e-ticket with cutting balance system.

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