Oey Tambahsia: The Playboy van Batavia

Oey Tambahsia is the second son of a prominent Chinese figure named Oey Thai. Oey Thai was very rich at that time, but he was generous and often gave charity to the poor. After Oey Thai died, Oey Thai leaving a huge amount of wealth for Oey Tambahsia and his siblings, which value was more than two million guldens.

Oey Tambahsia was only 15 years old when his father die, he was a good looking young boy. But plenty of power and money made Oey Tambahsia often waste money and seduced women. Oey Tambahsia was very extravagant. One story said that he always used paper money to wipe his bottom every morning after defecating and then threw them away, causing poor people to fight for the “dirty money” full of Oey Tambahsia feces.

Armed with exceptional good looks, Oey become a teenager who loves to step out, and chase women. It often spent time riding around the city with fancy dress, accompanied by many bodyguards, looking for beautiful girl to seduce. One of Oey Tambah’s behaviour which made parents of beautiful young girls very worried was that he liked to seduce women, no matter if the woman had married or not.

Oey Tambah owned a villa at Bintang Mas, Ancol, Batavia. The villa was not an ordinary one. It was the place where he placed the woman he had seduced.

Someday in Senen, accidentally, he saw a pretty girl from Sim family, as it appears from behind the door. Then the girl became his wife. The Wedding of Oey and the girl of Sim family was claimed as the biggest wedding feast in Batavia. The biggest wedding party was made ​​Mayor of China, Tan Eng Goang and China Chamber of Batavia angry and upset. Because Oey had closed the stree and hold the wedding for a few days

Even after marriage, he did not stop seduced woman. Consequently, the marriage only lasted a few weeks. After that, Oey Tambahsia find a singer from Pekalongan, M.A. Gundjing. However, this love story is thus brought Oey Tambahsia to hanging pole.

Based on the witnesses and evidence, the Court then gave Oey death sentence. Oey Tambahsia Oey Tambahsia walked to the gallows with a smile on his. He dressed neatly, as usual. With hands bound, he was reminded the executioner, “In my shirt pocket there is a 50 rupiah for you reward. But I ask you not exceedingly bestial trapping and pressing stick my neck. ”

At the age of 31 years old, he was hanging to death in the field currently known as Fatahillah Park.

Note: picture is taken from here and here


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