@CommuterLine to postpone implementation distance-based fare on June

PT Kereta Commuter Jabodetabek (PT KCJ) officially had announced that the distance-based fare will be delayed from the original schedule on June 1, 2013. Distance-based fare is planned to come into force in early July 2013.

President Director of PT KCJ, Ignatius Tri Handoyo, said the reason for delay the implementation of this new scheme fare is related to the implementation of e-ticketing system that still cannot fully implemented on 1 June. PT KCJ will only apply the new e-ticketing system at 09.00 to 16.00 pm. Outside of these times or during peak hours, PT KCJ will only sell paper ticket to passengers

It is estimated that the new scheme fare will be fully implemented in early July. Tri said that implementation of these two systems (e-ticketing and manual) to avoid a long queue of passengers because there are many of passengers who do not know how to use e-ticket. PT KCJ would continue to disseminate to the public especially passengers until they really understand how to use the e-ticket.

Note: picture is taken from here


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