Ariah Musical Dance to perform at National Monument

Jakarta prepares to celebrate its 486th anniversary in June. National Monument (Monas) will be the spot for powerful and spectacular musical dance: Ariah. Ariah musical dance conceived by Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo and produced by Global 3L. Ariah performances prepared to entertain people in Jakarta and surrounding areas. Ariah directed by Atilah Soeryadjaya in collaboration with Jay Subiakto as Artistic Director, and also Erwin Gutawa serves as Music Director. Erwin will feature orchestral music combined with Betawi musical instrument.

Ariah will involve more than 200 dancers and 100 musicians from all over Indonesia. The dancers will show how Jakarta became a meeting place for different cultures from all over the country

This spectacular musical performance will be held on three level stage measuring 72 meters. Plus, this performance will show video mapping technology that will transform the monument into a spectacular visual show. You can see this spectacular from 28 to 30 June 2013.

Ariah itself tells about the women hero protect honor and dignity of women in the Dutch colonial period. Ariah based on the history of peasant rebellions in Tambun in 1869.


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