Jakarta to hold Passer Baroe Festival

Along with celebration of the Jakarta Anniversary, Central Jakarta Tourism Office held the 15th Passer Baroe Festival. Passer Baroe Festival is held to increase the popularity of the Passer Baroe area as Cultural Tourism and Legendary Shopping Center area in Jakarta. Passer Baroe Festival also held to foster camaraderie multi cultured citizens of Jakarta, particularly in the Passer Baroe area.

Passer Baroe Festival held on 15-16 June 2013 and to be held along the Jl. Antara and in the corridors among Passer Baroe. For two days, Passer Baroe be enlivened by live music and a dance tent, bazaars, creative products exhibition community, and specific areas to display Batik Betawi. Passer Baroe major corridors and its shops will have a massive discount for Jakarta Great Sale

On Saturday 15 June 2013, the Festival Passer Baroe also enlivened by boat race along the Ciliwung river in Paser Baroe.


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