7 Android Apps to Find @CommuterLine Schedule

Visiting or even living in Jakarta need a smart action especially to avoid a terrible traffic jam. One of the reliable modes of public transportation is definitely the Commuter Line that operating on 63 railways station in Greater Jakarta. I strongly suggest you to ride on the Commuter Line especially if your home or apartment quite near from the Commuter Line stations.

Finding the commuter line schedule, you surely need a good strategy, you can find it on this website or if you are an android user, you can find it on Google Play. Here are some lists of apps that you can download from the Google Play.

Info KRL

Info KRL is the apps on Google Play that maybe become one of your favorite apps on your android. It shows you Commuter Line position and station using real time data. This app is also able to predict departure time (beta) and calculate distance from current train position to your departure station.

What I love from this app is you can choose your departure station and also your arrival station. Info KRL will provide you with the several options for your best line route, including if you need to transit at the hub station

In my case I choose Rawa Buntu as Departure Station and Jakarta Kota as my Arrival station. The app gave me three options with shortest number of station to longest number of station with the hub station also. They give you also the calculation of how much you need to pay. Well, I have to say even this app give you the selection of price, but all you need to see is the lowest price, since the other option are not needed. I do not know if the developer is really know on the official policy of the distance-based fare for the Commuter Line, since they put some other option from the lowest to the highest fare.

For the Commuter Line fare, the distance-based fare should be implemented on July but still the PT KCJ may change their policy again. For now, just use the schedule and the best option for your route.

Jadwal KRL

Jadwal KRL is the other apps on Google Play. Jadwal KRL gave you the schedule of the Commuter Line according to each specific line/route. So basically you can’t have the schedule if your travel is need more than one lines/routes.

Info KRL [unofficial]

Info KRL [unofficial] is a simple application that will show you the position of the commuter line. I think this app just take feed from infoka.krl.co.id and the app only had one question “mention your arrival station”.


Komutta is the app that is not only provide Commuter Line schedule, but also other modes of public transportation in Jakarta such as TransJakarta Busway, and taxis company. The app also provide other buses that operate in Jakarta.

For Commuter Line schedule, they provide Commuter Line schedule in specific line/route, the app do not provide schedule if you travel to more than one line/route


Train@Jakarta is an android app that had function to know the train number, train direction, train position on a real time basis. Basically it is the same function with Info KRL [unofficial]. The app  just take feed from infoka.krl.co.id

Sikremut Commuter Train

Sikremut Commuter Train is an android app that stands for Sistem Informasi Kereta Komuter, or Commuter Train Information System. It is an application that provides information about commuter train and its trip in Greater Jakarta. The train schedule in this app looks like the Komutta but this app has more features including Info Sharing on real-time information with other Sikremut users about current train condition in Sikremut timeline, Train Tracking for check the real-time train position information in your selected station, Station Map for Lay out Greater Jakarta stations map based on Google map, Nearest Station to assist user to find and go to the nearest train station from the user’s current place based on Google map, Marker Alarm to remind the user if the destination station is near, and Tweet to present tweets from @KRLMania, @CommuterLine, and @Sikremut to fill in user about current train condition.


Roker is an application to get the Jakarta Commuter Train schedules and live updates. The app has the following features such as support for transits search, support location based to identify nearest station, and support for live train position updates based on user search result

This app may be one of your favorite app to download in Google Play since the app gave you also a selection route to go to your destination. In my case I took Tangerang as my Departure station and Jakarta Kota as my arrival station. The app gave me three options that I can choose with the hub station for transit. Each option provides you with detail on estimation on departing and arrival time including in hub station.


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