If Jakarta Fair is too Far, The Jakarta Creative Product Exhibition is your best options

Jakarta Governor, Joko Widodo, ensure Jakarta administration will held a folk festival started in 2014. He arranged for the event can be accessed by the general public for free of charge. He said that if there is an entrance fee it will be Rp. 1000 and Rp. 2000.

Jokowi said, this time he had made ​​a concept to held an event to welcome the birthday of the City of Jakarta. He said that the concept of the event will be completed in the next three months.

To test the program, the city government will hold a Creative Product Exhibition or Pekan Produk Kreatif Daerah or PPKD 2013 at the Medan Merdeka Square on 14-16 June 2013. In the event, the city will look at all the aspects in it as reference for folk festival held in Jakarta in 2014


Jokowi already made assessment that implementation of the Jakarta Fair in Kemayoran has lost Betawi culture on it. According to him, Jakarta Fair already reduces the chances of small and medium enterprises to participate in the Jakarta Fair

Governor believes that there is a need to be held a Festival with strong Betawi character, among others, by holding PPKD in Monas on Friday through Sunday. As planned, the event will start at 09.00 am until 21.00 pm. This free of charge event will be unique events, from workshops, street acrobats, Miss Herbs parade, Betawi theater, martial arts, lenong Betawi, dance, and puppets.

Note: Picture is taken from here

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