Jakarta to host The World Exhibition of Keraton (Palaces)

Jakarta will host the Grand Exhibition of the World Palaces that will be held on 5 to 8 December 2013. Forum Silaturahmi Keraton Indonesia (FKSI) has invited 138 representatives from all over the Indonesian palace. There are also 10 foreign palace of the already agreed to attend the event, among other are Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Korea.

The FSKI still exploring cooperation with the European and African Kingdoms, since many state now become Republics and not necessarily the kingdom is still maintained. Therefore the FSKI could not confirm the number of countries that will be present in the event.

The event was held for the first time in 2013. Therefore, the committee needs to ensure the safety of participants and also the items on display from other countries such as carriage and heritage.

Jakarta Governor, Joko Widodo, also support the implementation of this event. It is good for Jakarta image and also as a tool to promote the cultures of Indonesian Kingdoms to the world. The event itself will be held in several places, including carnivals, royal heritage, and culinary festivals. It would raise the image of Jakarta as a city which capable to organizing world-class events in the field of MICE (meetings, incentive, convention, exhibiton).

Later, visitors to the show will be free of charge. Implementation costs will be borne by the Local Budget and sponsor support.


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