Monorail Jakarta is expected to be completed in 2016

Joko Widodo, Jakarta Governor, declare the resumption of the construction of the monorail at Green Line and the Blue Line at Wednesday, June 26, 2013. The implementing agency for both line are PT Jakarta Monorail and the consortium of the state owned enterprise. According to Jokowi, the construction both line is expected to be completed within three years and will be fully operation in 2016.

Jokowi realized during the three-year construction of the monorail would increase the traffic jam in Jakarta. Therefore, Governor will push Kiswodarman, Director of PT Adhi Karya, to begin the monorail construction for green and blue line this year. Jokowi said, the line was expected to be more difficult, since it also involves inter province regulation. But he ensures to ease all the licensing and all things related to city government

Meanwhile, Director of Adhi Karya, Kiswodarmawan, said that currently the President Decree (Perpres)  is till in the Ministry of Economy. He said that the construction of the monorail needs a Presidential Regulation because it involves two areas. Kiswo also ensure that the physical construction will be carried out, after the President issued a Presidential Decree. President’s Decree will state that the monorail has been integrated with other modes of transportation in Jakarta


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