Jakarta Administration and PT KAI to integrate @CommuterLine and @BLUTransJakarta

Jakarta administration and PT KAI plans to integrate Commuter Line and TransJakarta busway at 5 existing railways stations in Jakarta. Vice Governor of Jakarta, Basuki T. Purnama already had discussion with PT KAI related to the integration plan. In the meeting discussed several issues including ticket, and terminals and that will be integrated.

Head of Public Relations of PT KAI Daops I, Sukendar said that the meeting is the first meeting and the talks are still in early stages. The Five stations will be integrated with TransJakarta shelter is Jakarta Kota, Manggarai, Pasar Senen, Pasar Minggu, and Tanjung Priok. All those five stations had been chosen since the location of the TransJakarta shelter it is close to the railways station.

Jakarta Governor, Joko Widodo ,few days ago had made ​a statement that he had plans to integrate the service between TransJakarta Busway and the Greater Jakarta railways network. The integration will also include a monorail and mass rapid transit (MRT) when both rail-based transportation modes begin to operate


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