JET: the official name of Jakarta Monorail

Jakarta monorail project has received an official name. From the twenty names in the race to qualify for the Jakarta Monorail name search, eventually emerged the top names chosen by the public (4453 voters), the Jakarta Eco Transport Monorail abbreviated JET.

Fahrur Rozy, the inventor of the name Jakarta Eco Transport Monorail, was announced as the winner by Banyu Biru, Director of Business Development from Ortus Holding Limited, in Monas, Jakarta, Sunday, July 14, 2013.

Banyu said, the competition for Jakarta Monorail name is not just a mere project. He asserted, the event has great significance for the city. He said that the competition and also the monorail itself as a revolutionary step, transportation breakthroughs that should be supported.


Meanwhile Fahrur Rozi, the winner, said traffic jam and pollution is inspiring him to get the name of JET. Fahrur tells that almost every day, he is riding a motorcycle from Bekasi to Jakarta always experiencing congestion. He hopes Jakarta Monorail able to minimize the pollution problem, that is the reason why he put Eco on JET.


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