7 Ways to Avoid Sexual Harassment While Traveling

Female travelers are highly vulnerable and susceptible to sexual harassment while traveling. Even in Commuter Lines, female travelers are prone to sexual harassment. To prevent sexual harassment while traveling in Commuter Lines or traveling by any other forms of transportation, pay special attention to the following 7 ways to avoid sexual harassment.

Select Decent Clothing

Generally in Jakarta, there is no restriction for you to wear minimal clothing, but if you visit a place of worship, you are prohibited from wearing minimal clothing. Although there is no specific prohibition on how to dress in Jakarta, it is a good idea to pay attention to the way people dress while traveling in Commuter Lines in Jakarta, or visiting tourist attractions.

Make sure communication devices are always in your hand

Never leave a communication device anywhere, anytime, and any place, especially when you are traveling in Jakarta. The reason why you should not leave communication devices is because you’re on vacation, which of course, means being away from home and family.

Make sure you have important numbers that you could easily call in an emergency. Other important things are making certain to never run out of credit or battery.

Always pay attention to your surroundings

As cool as it is to be on holidays in Jakarta, you still need to pay attention to your surroundings. If you are not comfortable, immediately leave. If you are traveling alone, make sure that you are not in a remote and deserted area.

Look for a place that is open and crowded, and if you are traveling with a group do not go too far apart.

When getting new acquaintances, be careful with their invitation

One of the purposes of traveling is to meet new friends. However, you should not excessively trust new friends, especially if you get an invitation to attend a small party amongst these new friends.

To maintain courtesy, you should not come alone when attending to the invitation from you news friends. You should ask if the place of their small party is in an open or closed area. Being in an open area is much safer for you while traveling.

Avoid walking alone at night

Often, a tourist destination looks beautiful and romantic at night, but it is a good idea to avoid walking in deserted areas at night. If you still want to go for a walk, make sure to go with someone who can protect you.

Never leave your drink

Leaving your glass or bottle is a big no no. This applies when you are in a bar, tavern or restaurant. If you must go to the bathroom or take money from the ATM, make sure your drink is safely kept by a friend or trusted person (a restaurant employee).

When faced with danger, shout loudly

If you are already in a dangerous situation, yell as loud as possible. Other than that, look for means of escape from the attack of wrong-doers who want to harass you. Make sure your scream sounded loud and do not hesitate to hit with the objects in your surroundings.

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