7 Big No when you are on Solo Traveling in Jakarta

Solo traveling is certainly fun, but traveling even has rules and restrictions that are important for you to know if you want to avoid problems. Here are seven list that you should avoid when making solo traveling

Do not listening music when traveling

Listening to music through earphones is certainly fun because it can dispel the boredom. But if you are traveling alone using Commuter Line to several tourist destinations in Jakarta, this is may lead harmful. You could not hear any announcement at the railways station while you have the music in your earphones. Listening to music through earphones can also lower your level of alertness.

It is wise if you do not listen to music through earphones, it could invite the thief attention also. Try to enjoy the atmosphere in the Commuter Line or your travel destination

Do not be stingy

If you are traveling in Jakarta, you will meet with beggars. Do not hesitate to give some little donation to the beggars. Usually they are quite happy if you making little donation such from Rp. 500 to Rp. 1000. If you want to buy goods in a traditional market, do not be too low to bargain the price of goods.

Your generosity can save you from many problems that may arose

Drunk? A Big No

Spend a night at the bars or nightclubs could be one way for solo traveler to interact with other tourists. But be careful, too much drinking will actually cause problems, such as when you arrive and got caught carrying narcotics or trapped in prostitution or even you could be a victim of robbery.

Never go to tourist spot if you have no information

Do not ever go to a tourist destination without any information. No matter how small the information is, it’s good for you to have information about the destinations. For example, in Jakarta, the entire museum is close on Monday. It is a tragic for you when you make a visit to Museum on Monday. In addition, by knowing the good and bad parts of destination, you travel will be more organized and run more smoothly.

Never open your wallet in public places

While doing solo traveling, you should keep your wallet in a safe place, because your wallet is one of the most coveted thing the thieves. Prepare some change just before traveling; put some of your money on your shirt, pants, or bag. So you do not have to bother to take your money from the wallet when you need it.

Do not wear flashy jewelry too

Wearing flashy jewelry will only invite the attention of the bad guys to take out your jewelry. When you do solo traveling and wearing many jewelry the chance to be stolen or defrauded is much greater than if you travel with your friend.

Do not Frivolous

Traveling alone means you should keep your own safety, so be mindful of where you are. You must have information on whether your destination is safe for you, either during the day or night. Avoid traveling around the city in the middle of the night alone.


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