5 Cool Parks for Ngabuburit in Jakarta

During Ramadan, there are some activities to do to spend time before the breakfast that called “Ngabuburit”. Originally Ngabuburit is a term that derives from Sundanese language, some said that is an slang words for “Ngabubur Beurit” or “chasing the mouse” while other said that according to the Lembaga Basa dan Sastra Sunda Ngabuburit means “ngalantung ngadagoan burit” or hanging out until the sunset.

If you do the “Ngabuburit” with your friends, try to visit these cool parks. Peoples in Jakarta do a lot of activities in these parks and you do not need to pay for entrance fee.

Fatahillah Square

The old city is a must site for you to visit. Even during Ramadan, many people visit the Fatahillah Square. Many communities gather around the old city center and they do many activities around the park. You can find a lot of food stalls, so no need to worry if you hear the sign for breakfast from the mosque.

Medan Merdeka Square

It is undisputed that the Medan Merdeka Square is the heart of Jakarta. You can enjoy this largest park and see the epic view of National Monument. In this park you can also see the deer running around, just do not feed them since it is strictly forbidden.

Suropati Park

The park is located in the elite district in Central Jakarta. With shade trees and comfortable environment made this park as a safe playground for your kids. You can also do some jogging to wait for breakfast. The Suropati Park also becomes a training spot for some music communities. You can enjoy they play their music while sitting and see your kids running and playing around at this park.

Situ Lembang Park

The park is also visited by Jakarta residents before breaking fast. The place is famous for the ‘nasi gila’ food. This could be an option for you to do the “ngabuburit”. The small lake located in the center of the park is the main attraction.

Langsat Park

If you are a freak to do photo shoots. This park is a must location to visit. It is a perfect location for photo hunting even if you are an amateur. You can do drawing and painting also or even waiting for breaking fast with some books in your hand. Or, maybe you just want simply relax and enjoy the cozy green spot.


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