Three Days Adventure on a Budget in Prague

Have you ever been to Prague? The capital city of the Czech Republic is the city that should be on the top of your list if you want to go to Central Europe. Prague offer you at least 11 tourist destination that you have to visit, among other is Prague Castle. Prague Castle is the most important historical monument and already become the symbol of the Czech state.

According to a source, there are 16 airline operate and fly out from Jakarta to Prague with 32 flights per week. These 16 airlines provide at least 149,106 seats per day. If you like to have an adventure on a budget inside Prague, you should try Prague Metro Subway and Prague Trams services.

But remember whatever adventure that you would like to do in Prague, Your home is far away from Prague, you need to save the Indonesian Embassy phone number for any emergency situation. Three day stay in Prague is more than enough to travel around the Prague. Searching for hostel in Prague is not that difficult, I must say it is quite easy since the internet will help you a lot to find such suitable place for you to stay

Note: Picture is taken from here


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