5 Important things to avoid pickpocket at @CommuterLine Stations

At the certain times, especially during peak hours in the morning and evening, Commuter Line passengers requiring special struggle. This is mainly due to the increase of passengers using the Commuter Line but it is not accompanied by increasing passenger capacity of Commuter Line. This is one of the reasons that many people trying to enter simultaneously into the Commuter Line car

This situation can certainly cause a lot of negative things, one of the most frequent complaints is the pickpocket may free to operate. Pickpockets always work in crowded places such as in a Commuter Line stations. Anywhere, anytime, these people are on the job and they do work overtime. Pickpocket is always appears decent. But the pickpockets is not one man action, they always work as a groups of three or five.

In general, when the passengers are waiting on the station platform, the pickpocket has been seeing their target. Many of Commuter Line passengers are using their smart phones while waiting in the platform to chat or to do other online activities. By the time you put your gadget into your pants or bag, the thief already into action targeting you. Once you enter the Commuter Line car then you will suddenly realize that you already lost your gadget

It is important for us to know some ways to avoid pickpockets in the Commuter Line. Here are five best tips to avoid the pickpocket

  • Do not show your gadgets while waiting in the platform. If you really need to use your gadget, use it wisely and it is better if you use it in the waiting room
  • Save your gadget or other valuables on your bag then wear it on your front, resting on your tummy
  • Avoid large crowds when possible. It’s when you are shoulder-to-shoulder, pushing your way through a crowd, that pickpocket is most likely to stealing your gadget
  • Avoid loose-fitting pants. You won’t be able to feel your gadget in a loose-fitting pant
  • Always hold your handbag tightly under your arm or in front of you, all the time.

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