Jaksa Street Fiesta 2013: A Diversity Party in the Backpacker Kampong

Jl. Jaksa is located in the heart of Jakarta. Surrounded by government offices and business center, Jl. Jaksa is still the best choice for backpacker from many countries. In this 400 meters street, Jl Jaksa always held an annual street festival and the 2013 Festival is the 15th Festival since 1994.

The current Jaksa Street Fiesta will be start from 23 August 2013 from 11.00 to 22.00 and will end at 25 August 2013. There will be a lot of event in Jl. Jaksa and will be held not only at the stage but also in the alley in Jl. Jaksa. Jaksa Street Festival 2013 will have a art performance from traditional art to modern art dancing. The organizer will also display an exhibition about Jakarta Cultural History. If you like to play some folks game there will be a lot of folk game competition.


If you a big fans of the late of Bang Ben, the greatest artist of Betawi, you should see the Bang Bens movie in Jl. Jaksa. This Jaksa Street Fiesta is a must visit event in August. For latest updates on Jaksa Street Festival, follow their twitter account @PestaJaksa


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