@CommuterLine will enforce guaranteed single trip ticket

PT KAI Commuter Jabodetabek (PT KCJ), an operator of Commuter Line, will replace the system and design for single trip ticket starting from 20 August 2013. With the new system, Commuter Line passengers should add Rp. 5000 for guarantee if they buy single trip ticket.

This new system as a respond due to the company lost in single trip ticket. President Director of PT KCJ, Tri Handoyo said that the company already lost around 800.000 single trip tickets. This guarantee money beyond the official travel cost of Commuter Line passenger and it is a card production costs. Passengers can get their money back, if the tickets are returned in the arrival station.

With the new system, passengers using the single trip ticket can recharge the balance according to the next trip. However, this only applies maximum of 7 days from the last use. After 7 days, the ticket cannot be used and passengers cannot claim for the guarantee

Later, new ticket system requires passengers just do tap out on the machine.


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