Jakarta to have Raden Saleh Museum

The house of the late leading painter Raden Saleh, who is currently located in PGI Cikini Hospital will be renovated in 2014. Jakarta administration is currently working on a plan that involves the historian and and architecture experts.

The house of Raden Saleh is an imitation of the Callenberg Castle in Germany, but this hundred years old buildings in many parts are in the damaged condition. The building is no longer original since there is some addition in the rear.

Arie Budiman, Director of Jakarta Tourism Office stated that the government will cooperate with the private sector to do the renovations. Once the renovation is complete, the House will be operating as the Museum of Raden and will be open to the public. However the Jakarta government will ensure that there will be visitor mobility settings that will not interrupted Hospital activities.

Note: picture is taken from here

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