Tanah Abang station will be expanded

PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) plans to expand the Tanah Abang Station. This plan will be implemented given the increasing number of passengers, particularly passengers of commuter line. Increasing of passengers is one of the causes of congestion around Tanah Abang Station.

President Director of PT KAI, Ignatius Jonan said, today around 35-45 thousand passengers end or transit in Tanah Abang station. PT KAI will build more escalators to accommodate the commuter line passengers. The expansion of the station will be start in October and will take 12-18 months. The company will expand the station without changing the physical form of the station.

Jonan is said, during the expansion process takes place, the company will make two exit doors in the station. For passengers are not using the Commuter Line, they are required entry or exit through the main at the second floor. While the commuter line passengers are required to enter through the electronic gate in the north of the station. PT KAI will add electronic gate at the north entrance to 16 that were previously only 8 gates.

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