Thousands of people enjoy the Colorful Jakarta Monas Carnaval

No wonder if so many people were coming to the Jakarta Monas Carnaval yesterday. After three years hiatus, the Jakarta Monas Carnival was held again. No wonder if the crowd occurred in this cultural parade.

All of the carnival activities were centered in Monas. The Jakarta Monas Carnival is a cultural parade involving 33 provinces. Actually, there were not only the provinces, but there are also some districts that participated in the parade. Jakarta Monas Carnival starts at 12 and some streets around the Medan Merdeka Square were closed from the vehicle. For Commuter Line passengers, there were some alternative, they could stop at Tanah Abang, Gondangdia or Juanda Station.


Each province was trying to show the best of the culture that exists in the province. Crowds were happening and not only because of the dancers who dance along the way but also the pounding rhythm of the music. Many people also try to get the momentum by taking their pictures with the dancers or musicians.


Well, some police office also guard the parade with bicycle

The most excited, of course come from the Jakarta team, featuring two giant Ondel Ondel that carried by many people. The funniest thing was when the giant Ondel Ondel must cross the power cables strung across the National Museum and the TransJakarta Shelter. The carrier of Ondel2 did some acrobatics tricks to pass the power cables and when they did it the audience shouted praise, clapping loudly.


Well, do you have your story about Jakarta Monas Carnival?


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