@CommuterLine officially ended the non deposit single trip ticket today

PT KCJ, operator of Commuter Line, officially ended the use of non deposit single trip ticket to day since 8.00 this morning. Since today, the new ticket system is implemented and officially called as Tiket Harian Berjaminan (THB) or deposit based single trip ticket.

Passenger will have to pay Rp. 5000 deposit for single trip ticket which can be refunded at any station within 7 days since the last usage. The new deposit single trip ticket can be used by passengers for another trip and only have to pay the fee according to their travel.

PT KCJ already prepared two million single trip tickets to replace the old ticket. Although PT KCJ hope that the new electronic system will modernize the Commuter Line system, but there are a huge criticism for the new ticket system.

PT KCJ also very confident that the new ticket system will not be hacked in order to change it to become multi trip ticket


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