Vote Your Next JBT Tour

This month has organized a tour called Jakarta Justice Heritage Tour. The #JJHT tour was followed by 14 participants and we obtained inputs to improve the tour. Now plans to have another tour. In essence, we do not want to have a “so-called” mainstream tour and the next tour is still using Commuter Line as primary public transportation and Manggarai Station as the first meeting point.


Your participation is needed to decide our next tour, which will be conducted on Saturday, 28 September 2013, starting 09.00 am sharp. We have at least three options for the next tour that you can vote as follows:

  • Jakarta Graveyard Tour. The tour starts from the Puppet Museum, Museum of Inscription Park, and  Bogor Botanical Garden
  • Jakarta Market Tour. The tour starts from Pasar Ikan Luar Batang, Pintu Kecil, Toko Lautan Mas, Pasar Petak Sembilan, Pasar Kembang Cikini, and Jakarta Gems Center
  • Jakarta National Movement Tour. The tourt starts from SMAN 19 Jakarta, Museum Kebangkitan Nasional, Museum Sumpah Pemuda, and Museum Husni Thamrin

All you have to do is post your choice in the comment on this post, and you have to put your reason why you choose a specific tour. We will organize the tour based on the most popular vote.

If you want to participate in this vote and prior to post a comment, you need to register yourself by sign up to our system or you can directly login using your own social media account.

Vote Policy changes:

We have changed this policy and we We decide to open the commenting system. Please take a note that all comment is moderated by the administrator

If you cast your vote and write down the most interesting reason, we will provide you with simple gift; a free multi trip commuter line ticket + a tumbler for the chosen on.

The vote will be closed on 5 September 2013.


26 Comments Add yours

  1. all three options are new for me… i don’t think i ever been to one of the places mentioned above… but the first option seems fun… BOGORRRR… we need to get out of jakarta every once in a while ! either that or the last option, the reason is simply because i would like to see another museum and learn about its history 🙂 tell us about its history yaaaahhhh dearest mimin jakartabytrain hiihihihih


    1. Erasmus says:

      no.3 is second to none!


  2. @cattleya_0724 says:

    I hope this one would be posted.
    I’d rather to grab the sweet graveyard tour since we’re thirsty of greeeen space in Jakarta. The green space seems curing our lovely admin from “tweet galau syndrome”. *peace*
    Let’s crowd on parktivity :))


  3. carolina says:

    The first one 🙂 as you go along the way,you would prefer to have a relaxing ambience to end a journey..that’s why I choose the first route as it offers better scenery n more fresh air as the last resort 🙂


  4. jakarta market tour would be best but bogor botanical garden is interesting as well 🙂


  5. ithalicious says:

    I choose no 1, sepertinya lebih menarik dari yang lainnya. karena dengan tur ke makam, kita belajar sejarah, arsitektur, foto juga bisa didapatkan lebih bagus, terus kapan lagi bisa mengunjungi makam sambil belajar? tapi kalau gw takut, boleh deket2 sama mimin ya…hihihi..


  6. I actually want to visit a flowers garden and the closest option will be the graveyard tour. At least I will still be able to find one of my favourite flowers, which is frangipani, in the graveyard. Another thing is that visiting Bogor Botanical Garden sounds ‘ freshly green’ and relaxing. Simply hoping that we will find ghost or something unforgettable in this tour 🙂


  7. I vote for:

    Jakarta National Movement Tour. Because I love to know history & love to go to Museum. Not really interested to the other options 🙂


  8. Sherlyna Halim says:

    Kalo boleh milih antara jakarta (3) atau bogor (1). Kalo yg no 2 uda hampir 75%nya sudah pernah pergi dan sering dikunjungi seperti pasar petak 9. Krn disana aku dari kecil sudah diajak ama oma dan mendiang tanteku. Tapi jika misalnya trip kesana lagi juga ga masalah. Krn ini kan juga kesepakatan bersama2
    Terima kasih.


  9. anna says:

    Jakarta Market Tour! 🙂


  10. says:

    Jakarta Market Tour!
    Alasan sih sederhana: belum pernah berkunjung ke pasar-pasar itu. Sama sekali 😀
    Sebenernya Graveyard Tour sounds interesting. Tapi objek kunjungannya cuma 3, kalah sama Market Tour yang 6 objek.
    Boleh usul nggak? Jakarta Market Tour plus Museum of Inscription Park. Ini pasti keren banget. Hehe.


  11. bawor says:

    I vote for:

    Jakarta National Movement Tour. Because


  12. anjarisme says:

    kalau saya sih milih “Jakarta National Movement Tour”.. ya merasa lebih bernilai saja…
    apalagi klo ngajak anak2.. ada kesempatan mengenalkan sejarah 🙂
    sukses ya mas….


  13. ikonuha says:

    I choose no. 1 😀


  14. taufik basari says:

    Sy pilih jkt national movement kak mimin krn jalur rel itu sangat berperan jg bagi pergerakan bangsa ini. Di tour ini jg pasti banyak hal yg bs didapat. Sib.


  15. Jakarta National Movement Tour. Because I remember what Mr. Soekarno said about “Jas Merah”.. You know.. I mean »Jangan Sekali-kali Melupakan Sejarah”..


  16. aku pilih Jakarta Graveyard Tour!!! berangkaaaaaat!! :))


  17. pencari keadilan says:

    Aku pilih tur kelapas cipinang kak


  18. @kiutzi says:

    Yg Jakarta National Movement Tour bwt mengasah nasionalisme dan bisa ajak ponakanq lbh mengenal sejarah on the spot.. Klo.bisa seh ikutan tiga2nya.. Hahay..


  19. I really interested by Jakarta Market Tour because we can watch the other side of jakarta as indonesia’s capital.


  20. Ingrid says:

    Absolutely No. 1!!!!!!


  21. Ayu says:

    Gw pilih no. 1.
    Gw nyari adem dan pohon2.


  22. Let says:

    No. 1 pastinya.
    Mau banget liat kuburan sama si bunga bangke.
    Lagian bosen tau di Jakarta mulu.


  23. Jakarta Market Tour, pasti ada banyak cerita disana, seperti asal2 nama pasar tersebut itu salah satunya dan lagian saya juga belum semua tempat saya kunjungi. 🙂


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