Jakarta Art House: Meet the Divas of Bellydance!

Legendary singers like the Divas: Oum Kalsoum and Warda, also Nancy Ajram, have made millions of fans amazed by their spell voice when they sang songs of love and heartbreak. Even decades later, middle-eastern and world audiences are still moved by the songs they sang.

Established in 2006, and teach by Egyptian belly dance instructor, Christine Yaven, has made  Bellydance Jakarta is Indonesia’s premier Middle Eastern dance center. Now Bellydance Jakarta featuring the debut of international star Anusch (Netherlands) and welcoming back Sherlyn Koh and Brancy Nekvapil, will interpret through dance some of the most famous songs through the ages that were presented to the world by the Divas of the Arab world.

Belly Dance Jakarta

They will perform at Jakarta Art House on Wed, 25 September 2013 from 20.00

Note: Image is taken from here


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