Global Travel Intention Study: Indonesia offered good value for money

Indonesia remains the Asia Pacific region’s top destination for budget-conscious tourists, according to Global Travel Intention Study 2013, a survey issued by Visa.

The survey said that foreign travelers come to Indonesia spend an average $1,634 per trip and the respondent of the survey said that Indonesia offered “good value for money” and the trip to Indonesia is “fit my budget”. Indonesia is intended to visit by traveler from Malaysia (22 percent), Singapore (21 percent), and Australia (20 percent)

The data on 2012 from The Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry said that the tourism sector contributed 3.9 percent to Indonesia’s gross domestic product and employed 9.8 million people. The government is hoping the tourism industry can attract 8.6 million foreign tourists this year compared to last year’s.

Ellyana Fuadin, President Director of Visa Worldwide Indonesia, said that in the next few years, interest to travel to Indonesia would remain strong, especially for young travelers.

Top five countries for tourists intending to visit Indonesia in the future (Source: PT. Visa Worlwide Indonesia):

1. Malaysia 35%

2. Australia 19%

3. Singapore 12%

4. Japan 8%

5. Taiwan 5%

Top five countries for tourists who have visited Indonesia (Source: PT. Visa Worldwide Indonesia)

1. Malaysia 22%

2. Australia 20%

3. Singapore 21%

4. Saudi Arabia 8%

5. Taiwan 5%


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