Jakarta International Performing Art will be held this weekend

Jakarta administration will hold an art event called Jakarta International Performing Art or Jakipa later at this month.

The international arts event will be held South side of the National Monument on Saturday and Sunday, from 28 to 29 September 2013. This Jakipa is held to commemorate World Tourism Day and also to urge people to be able to appreciate different art and culture from every region.

The artist that will perform at Jakipo among them are cirque art (Germany), circus art (Belarus), jazz music art (United States), and the rope dance art (Vietnam). Meanwhile, Indonesia will be displayed “Miss Tjitjih drama”, keroncong tugu, xylophone, Caesar dance flashmob, ethnic music band, puppets, walk act, kolintang music, Jaipur dance, reog ponorogo, and several other arts.

The Rp. 1,5 billion cost of the events is taken from the city budget to fully realize the new icons of tourism in the capital.

The Jakipa Opening Ceremony will be held from 16:00 am until 22:30 pm, and will be opened by Jakarta Governor, Jokowi. The Caesar shake flash mob dance will mark the opening session of the Jakipa on Sunday

Note: picture is taken from here


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